Importance of Effective Communication During A Construction Project


The 247PRO software brings a simple and intuitive response to construction project management.  

Construction projects consist of a variety of different experienced professionals coming together to create. Communication is a key factor for success in construction so everyone has the same goal they are working towards.

Construction projects require a lot of work from every party involved. Transparency, organization, and communication are key when it comes to making sure the project runs smoothly with little to no errors. A construction project has so many details that factor into it so you need to make sure everyone is on the same page which can be hard to do. Luckily, we’ve laid out some ways to improve the overall flow of communication amongst teams.


1.)  Establishing a clear chain of command:

The construction project in general needs an overall project leader. Whether it’s the contractor or the person you are doing work for, someone needs to be the key portion in an organization and establishing all project details in an organized way. This may look like establishing weekly meetings, whether through Zoom or in-person to make sure everyone is on the same page and no one is confused on any matter. If there is someone establishing weekly or monthly meetings on the project, this will help to facilitate all team members whether it’s contractors, plumbers, or those in charge of electric or mechanical to be better organized and know what everyone else is doing too.

2.) Not Leaving Out the Important Stuff:

Sometimes in verbal communication, it can be easy to have a good conversation, and everyone be on the same page. However, things can get lost in translation if you don’t take notes to make sure you have every little detail understood. Measurements, material changes, and any specific adjustments all need to be factored into the equation. It may require construction teams to change their process on how they take notes and record information. In this digital age, construction software has become a great aid to keep track of project paperwork, from estimates to measurements, to even establishing a payment schedule, and noting various materials that will be used. Construction software is becoming more popular because of the ability to organize things. Some compare the software to that of a Google drive because everything is saved and things are placed into various folders.

3.) Communication Allows for More Trust and Transparency before things even get started:

The construction team needs to all have experience and a professional manner so there are no uncertainties before the project even begins. When one portion of the team is off, it can affect the overall outcome of the project, especially when it comes to risk management and the overall safety of the crew. Having an idea of what is expected from everyone and the level of success the client is expecting is good to know beforehand and helps her to have an overall feeling of trust in the project and the team. Trust is key because when one portion of the team doesn’t have trust it could throw the whole project off and won’t be up to expectations. Construction management relies on a systematic organization that will not be successful unless everyone has a good set of skills and trust amongst each other. This is also why there needs to be an overall project leader who can be the liaison between various contributing parties to instill peace and cooperation.

4.) Remove Construction Jargon from the Equation:

Like all occupations, each comes with its own language or jargon that only members in the profession are able to understand. Even plumbers, electricians, and contractors have different types of jargon. Words like blocking, BOQ, and box cribs aren’t easy to understand for people on the outside. This is extremely important to consider when discussing updates and information with your client about the project. Things will be lost in translation and there won’t be a clear understanding. This can delay the project and cause major issues in the overall process. Being able to alleviate any miscommunication can prevent any avoidable issues from occurring.

5.)  Communication and Experience Create New Opportunities for Ideas and Innovation:

With team members having years plus experience there may be new ways they can come together to contribute new ideas to the overall project. Some members may have over 20 years’ experience and have great tips for what to do and what not to do. Contributing parties may come together to suggest new materials and new designs from a combination of their experiences. For example, if a contractor chimed in on an interior designer’s ideas the client may be able to cut costs by using a different and more reliable material or even suggesting a sturdier design choice. Communication also creates feedback circles where the crew can loop back around to see what works and doesn’t work. 

Overall, communication creates promising results for everyone involved. It allows for success for the project and could help the project to be completed within a reasonable time frame. Most of the time projects are very successful and end up combining experience, organization, and communication. 


The 247PRO Software allows you to optimize the benefits of construction software by making it easier to organize and communicate across its platform. Contractors have the ability to put contacts into an electronic address book as well as contacting subcontractors such as plumbers and electricians for their help on a project. The software allows you to draft up proposals that you can save and send to members of the construction team to sign off on. With everything being online these days, it makes the transfer of information easier so important papers don’t get lost or misplaced. The 247PRO software acts almost like a Google Drive or iCloud, where all information is stored into individual project folders for each project. Contractors have the ability to generate payment schedules for customers as well as laying out all the details for what needs to be done and accomplished for their crew. There are so many customizations with 247PRO that allow you to customize notes, choose specific templates, and materials.


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