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Estimating software with a time card app and report feature that replaces paper timesheets for contractors.

Timecard Features

Construction time card app available for Android and Apple users.

Work hours tracking

Break time tracking

GPS Location detector

Time card reporting

Team view

Export timecard

Work order workflow in construction

247PRO Time Tracking App Will Save You
Time and Money!

Construction time tracking is a big challenge in the industry that would cost your business if it is not properly tracked. Paper timesheets are outdated and have lots of room for mistakes.

247PRO timecard app is simple and effective to run your projects in the field and manage your construction crew with time-clocking features. The time card is a great asset in project management which you can easily integrate with your 247PRO projects. It is so simple, no training needed for your employees!

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Log Work Hours Easily!

Timecard feature helps contractors crew to clock in / clock out, break-in /break out each workday from their smartphones. Whether you are in the office or the field GPS geo-location and project integration will give you full visibility into your team’s activity. Start tracking time today with the 247PRO time card app.

  • Save on payroll.
  • Cloud-based time time management software.
  • Easy to learn for any level or no training required.

On to go Time Tracking and Reporting

Report feature associated with the timecard directly shows accurate work hours for one month and offers a detailed report for each timesheet. Users can also filter the desired date or duration to see their work hours, work location, detailed log times, etc.

  • Export to excel feature.
  • Effortlessly time tracking on specific projects.

The Benefit of Time Tracking Automation

Users can see their team members’ latest clock in, clock out time, and work location on the same day. The accurate log of work hours determines the project needs, estimating and billing. It saves time and also helps to manage over time. Project managers will find it easy to track each member’s work hours each day. Save money and your time with the 247PRO time card app!

  • Help your crew, be more proactive.
  • Impress your clients with your efficiency.
  • No guesswork that you will exactly know how long the project takes.

Available for Your

Start using 247PRO time tracking app is a great solution to time theft issue in construction, try it today!

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Does 247PRO track employee locations automatically?

Every time the users take an action in the 247PRO app, their location will be registered.

What features 247PRO app offers?

Only the time card feature is available on 247PRO mobile app which integrates with your projects by the project location. The other features will be available in 2021.

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