Construction & Remodeling CRM

247PRO CRM empowers contractors to remotely receive leads, manage job opportunities, vendors, and contacts all in one place.

Construction CRM for Home builders and remodelers
Sales Management

From pre-sales to sales, manage every step of the process to close deals.

Pipeline Management

Manage the pipeline with simple tools that will help monitor your leads.

Contact Management

Easily manage all your leads, vendors, clients, and contacts in one place.

Team Collaboration

Team cooperation and delegation work together seamlessly.

CRM Services

One goal, one team works closely together striking for success.

Pre-sales process

Create a custom list, lock your content and send it through with one click. Accurate requests without double entry.

Pipeline management

No more mass email blasts, get notified as soon as your subcontractor completes the estimate.

Contact management

Get your bids turned into an estimate and digitally signed without leaving the platform. It's secure and visible to you and to your CoContructor.

Team collaboration

You can send multiple bids to Contractors and get the best estimate to save money.

Activity management

Send out a bid request with your project requirements to hire subcontractors. Once sent, subcontractors will provide an estimate for you to review and sign.

Estimate & Proposal

Compare estimates on the same spot and find the best deal for your business.

CRM for construction and remodeling

Manage Leads & Job Opportunities

Powerful CRM for construction and remodeling.247PRO’s CRM is a simple management system you need for your business to operate efficiently in all aspects of a job. Track every information from your sales pipeline and easily manage your contacts and projects.

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Is there any limitation like the number of leads?

No limitation, you can manage as many companies, clients and contacts as you like.

What information I can collect for the leads?

You can write detailed notes and track all kinds of information for a lead.

Can I assign the leads to multiple people?

You can assign lead to one responsible person at one time and it can be changed anytime.

What actions can I take in 247PRO CRM?

You can label candidates in 247PRO CRM as the sales cycle progresses. Each day, you can take actions based on the labeling status.

Is there a notification system so that I can get an alert?

Yes, keep your eye to the bell on the upper right corner in 247PRO.COM. You will see a number if you have a new notification.

Do I need to create a new lead manually?

You can create new leads manually. New leads and job opportunities can also automatically come in from your company website that is freely provided by 247PRO. You can activate the company website yourself. We also offer our one-on-one free assistant to build your website anytime.

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