Our story

George Lee, the founder of 247PRO, started helping his father to run the family remodeling/construction company 20+ years ago. He soon realized there were operation challenges within the company and there were plenty of rooms for an improvement in the industry.

One of the challenges was the project estimating. Estimating was a repetitive role and needed to be managed by a knowledgeable person. But it was hard to become proficient or hire a qualified person for this position. The second challenge was the operation efficiency, information among his team, clients and vendors were just not flowing smoothly. There were too many responsibilities relying on one person.

They tried looking for software that would help them do faster estimate proposals and conduct effective project management. Unfortunately, they can not find such a product that helps to address these challenges.

With a degree in computer information systems and with all the construction hand-on experience, George Lee has decided to build a system that helps his business and all the fellow contractors. And that is how 247PRO was born.

Our vision

247PRO started as an estimating software. It was a template-based design, truly the first in the industry, empowers anyone who has the minimum experience to follow the simple step by step multiple choice questions to complete a high-quality estimate proposal.

Now, 247PRO becomes a comprehensive platform helping contractors and their teams to streamline their operations, including cost estimates, proposal preparation, change orders, invoices, project management, building a free website, and a lot more.

Our vision is to build a beloved community for contractors, homeowners and vendors (e.g. material suppliers), especially for the fellow contractors to conquer operation challenges, take back their precious family time and enjoy their successes.

We like to thank all of you who have given us support along our journey. We recognize there are still a lot of rooms to do better for the industry. We need your help to do it together and we welcome your suggestions and ideas to make 247PRO better every day.

Thank you very much for being part of 247PRO!

247PRO Team

team working togather for their vision

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