6 Ways Professional Construction Management Software Can Change the Game


Construction management software has become increasingly popular. The software facilitates communication amongst all members of the team along with establishing a better way to organize materials associated with the project. This new innovation allows for better time management and estimations to be made easier.


In the world of technology and virtual workspace, construction software is becoming more popular than ever. Construction requires many working parts and construction software enables everything to be accessed easily along with any changes being made to the project and estimations. The software not only allows for things to be simplified for contractors but also for their clients. There are many benefits of construction software through not only the management and organization of projects but also the ability to promote your business and get the word out.


1.) Collaboration Amongst All Working Parts

Clear communication is a necessity when it comes to having a successful project. Without it, it’s hard for all teams to effectively hit all areas of the project within deadline and budget. Construction software allows all teams to have access to the other with a virtual platform to see any changes being made to the project along with making sure everyone is on the same page. It also allows for a further organization with the systematic approach of virtual folders. Most software allows for different folders within the project field to hold estimates, change orders, material schedules, invoices, and documents. 


2.) Virtual Filing Cabinets

It’s very easy to lose track of papers or folders with important project information on it. The ability to keep everything enclosed in electronic documents allows for less of a chance for things to get lost or misplaced which could cause inaccurate results along with lost production time on the current project. The organization of individual folders gives the team access to all documents so no details are lost in translation. Having a visual representation of all estimates also makes it easier to cut costs and save money for your client.


3.) Allows for Higher Levels of Production

With the advantages of digital organization, contractors can take on more projects by the ability to have things in their own categories. Keeping track of copious amounts of papers with measurements along with various contracts can be stressful on its own and not allow for the opportunity to take on more than one or two projects at once. Companies that utilize this type of software have more advantages with being able to give to a larger client base through their services instead of having to turn them away. 


4.) Improvement of Project Time Completion

One of the biggest issues with a construction project is making sure it’s completed within a reasonable time frame. When things aren’t organized, or communication is off amongst contributing parties it can often cause serious delays. Having a visual layout of each moving part can allow the team to factor in any changes and see any large issues before they arise. There is also the chance to collaborate early on with your client to provide a better understanding of the layout and have clear and defined goals. Poor risk management can also lead to unethical and unprofessional standards set by contractors so having software that lays everything out with clear guidelines and contracts to refer back to on all sides. According to statistics, only one out of ten construction projects finish on time. If we can alleviate these issues in the beginning, it allows for the project to run more smoothly.


5.) The Ability to Promote Your Business on a Virtual Platform:

There is something beneficial about the times we are in and the sudden switch to virtual life. Having an online platform allows you to connect with clients and even helps to facilitate new relationships with the ability to spread awareness about your company and the results they deliver virtually. Some types of construction software allow you to create online profiles to connect with clients searching for services as well as the ability to gain more leads and create estimates for potential clients. This type of software also allows a better integrated team so you can continue to whip out fabulous projects through a well-coordinated team.


6.) To Stay within Budget Guidelines:

The estimation feature is super important for construction software. This feature helps to really get the ball rolling in terms of setting up work schedules, materials needed, and factors in the overall costs of the project to have an end goal in sight. Like timing, it can often be hard to stay within budget guidelines so it’s nice to have software that lays out every little detail and can even send over a digital copy to your client. There are many factors that go into creating a budget such as permits, insurance, site preparation, exterior, interior, and any HVAC issues. Construction software allows you to easily make changes to any estimate sheets so that all involved will be notified and aware of any adjustments to the project.


The 247PRO Software has a variety of features from estimations to aiding project organization. The estimate portion of the software allows you to factor in many details. You can add your client, their address, and choose from various project templates depending on where in the building the construction is taking place. The software also allows you to specify materials, add notes to line items, and make any customizations from overhead to payment schedules. Contractors can organize their client base through a virtual address book allowing them to keep track of business and various projects that they may be working on at once. Construction companies can grow their client base through bid requests along with adding their company website to the form to draw more clients in and traffic to their site. Work orders can be created and customized by selecting specific categories, items, tasks, and adding notes. Work orders can allow you to put in materials needed which can then be transferred into an excel spreadsheet that can then be printed out for use.

The 247PRO Software has undergone some recent changes and enhancements such as google calendar sync, contact improvements, and mobile responsiveness.


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