4 Essential Professionals You Need to Lead a Construction Project

construction team is working on a project

For every construction project, certain roles cannot be neglected. These roles are what bring the project together and ensure that it goes along smoothly. And since they come from different fields, they're not easily replaced. So, if you're thinking of forming a construction team for your project, here are the four key figures you'll need to hire:


 Architects are creative individuals who can realize your vision. They create building designs based on your needs and preferences, while also ensuring that it's, accessible, functional, visually pleasing, and up to code. Often, they're the first person you need to talk to for your project to begin.

Once a design has been finalized, architects will oversee its execution. Since they created the overall plan, their opinion is important in the selection and quality of materials, as well as the overall design. In short, they're in charge of envisioning the final product and making sure your team gets there.



Engineers also play a significant role in the brainstorming process. You'll likely be working with multiple engineers — structural, electrical, mechanical, to name a few. They'll be the ones deciding how to erect the building and ensure that it's structurally sound. This way, the architect can focus on creating the design.

Like the architect, your engineers will be overseeing the construction project. They'll have a significant role in choosing the right building materials and making sure everything meshes well together. So, while the architect makes sure that the whole project stays true to the design, engineers are in charge of putting all the individual pieces together in a cohesive end product.



contractor's job is to oversee and manage the construction work based on the architect and engineers' instructions. In short, they are going to handle the physical labor that goes into any building or construction project. They will also have their own team of subcontractors, who are often other specialists in the field who come into work on the construction project. Subcontractors include, but are not limited to plumbers, electricians, and stonemasons.

Admittedly, you might have a bit of a hard time finding a contractor to hire, given the increasing rate of home renovations. It wouldn't be a surprise if many contractors are busy with recent remodel projects, or if their rates are more competitive than usual.


Operations Managers

Lastly, you'll need people in charge of overseeing the entire project in a business capacity. As one of the top careers in business administration, the operations manager is the backbone of a company or project. From planning, coordination, and budgeting to project supervision, the operations manager is the one that takes charge. They will be the ones who are creating strategies that will inform and guide the rest of the team members. As such, operations managers will be in close communication with you and the rest of the team to ensure things progress smoothly.

Note that you need to hire an operations manager that knows their way around construction. This is an important consideration, as the main overseer of your project needs to possess industry knowledge. Without it, you can't reasonably expect them to manage the project effectively. They should also be able to communicate effectively with the other professionals in the construction team.

There's a lot that goes into planning and executing a construction project. It takes a wide array of talent to get everything done, so it's equally important that everyone communicates effectively. There needs to be a clear chain of command and transparency in all operations. It's also essential to omit occupational jargon when speaking to the team. This ensures that everyone is on the same page.

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Written exclusively for 247pro.com

by Ample Crowe