How to Grow your Remodeling Business? | 247PRO


A company that continues to grow is the ideal business for every remodeling contractor. However, given the sheer number of other contractors in business today, it can be hard to attract clients. 

Home renovation and improvement projects skyrocketed after the pandemic and continue to increase yearly.

By 2021, 84% of homeowners will have tackled at least one project - including outdoor spaces because many want an area for entertaining guests post-pandemic. 

Additionally, there has been a rise in remote workers who require functional offices or workspaces. As the economy continues improving, many people are starting or planning to remodel their homes. 

Contractors must work even harder to keep up with this new demand. This article will discuss some tips for how contractors can take advantage of the opportunities coming their way during this economic growth period.

Create An Ultimate Business Plan

You should make a strategic plan that includes your own goals for the company. 

A well-thought-out action plan will inspire you to take the necessary steps toward achieving what you want in the future. 

Some of the most important parts are the company's core values, goals, mission, vision Statement, unique selling points, and employee Count. Values are vital to making consistent decisions and projecting a consistent image to clients and partners. 

Clear, achievable goals enable you to drive productivity and measure success. A mission statement provides everyone with purpose; they help keep your team motivated even during tough times.

You also need to know some potential setbacks before they happen to prepare for them and set yourself apart from competitors with a good USP. It would be best if you also thought about your finances as an important indicator of the state of your business - have three different projections - one that is the best case scenario, one that is realistic, and one which would be unambitious or lean. These plans take at least five years into account; ideally, ten years would be much better.

Protect Your Liens Rights

The more jobs you take — no matter how big they get — the higher the chance of a customer delaying or defaulting on payments. 

This can be frustrating because the money needs to come from somewhere else, but even if you're comfortable with trusting homeowners to pay - filing for a mechanics lien can still provide protection; your right being one of the only tools in your payment arsenal that protects you when things go wrong. 

Always keep an eye out for cash flow problems when times are good; when a homeowner postpones payment, file a mechanics lien so that you can stop them from selling or refinancing their property without paying you first. Mechanics liens act as security for your funds and will ensure they cannot sell or refinance without paying the money owed beforehand.

Hire Carefully

New additions to your team should always be taken care of with caution. The person who joins forces under you is just as important as your vision for success, so make sure they match your values and personality. Alongside these traits, they should also exhibit hard-working qualities while being kind and adaptive.

One of the best ways to ensure your team operates as a tight, effective unit is through onboarding. A standardized training process ensures your workforce will perform at their peak from day one, which leads to long-term success within an organization and forms the foundation for your staff.

Market Your Company Accurately

Sales, branding, and marketing are key to achieving success. Every employee needs coaching on how to sell the company they work for. Selling is a natural process that happens during every interaction when staff interacts with customers. It's the direct action of convincing someone to buy from you. 

Marketing is an ongoing process that seeks to inform as many potential customers of a company's existence as possible. Successful marketing campaigns rely on strong branding, which includes deciding what kind of customer base to focus on (target audience), studying their needs and preferences, and maintaining consistency throughout all campaign aspects.

Digital marketing has made life much easier for small business owners. They can reach a vast range of potential customers with websites and social media channels.

Automate Your Daily Tasks

Technology has become more advanced and should be used in your business. Automation software for various tasks, such as payroll and invoices, will make daily operations easier for you and the company's contractors. 

This way, they can focus on other important projects that need attention instead of monotonous ones.

You should also utilize cloud-based payroll programs. In addition, you can automate field time which will reduce the need to input data twice.

Estimating is pivotal to every contractor. 

The higher your estimates are, the more accurate they'll be - which equals more money in your pocket! As a construction company owner, one of the most critical aspects of your job is getting cost estimates right. 

You've lost out on potential earnings if they're too low and you don't get enough profit from the job. 

On the other hand, if they're too high, you risk pricing yourself right out of work entirely. This is why having reliable estimating software like 247PRO is so crucial.

Protect Yourself Against Profit Fade

Profits can dwindle for many reasons- such as an increase in material prices. For instance, from January 2020 to 2021, iron and steel rates rose 15.6%

Stay on top of these changes by using technology to forecast price fluctuations and manage change orders; this will help you avoid unforeseen expenses down the line. It also never hurts to ensure you're keeping tabs on what percentage your company is spending on labor at each stage of construction; this way, you'll know when it becomes necessary to take corrective action before it's too late. 

Keeping tabs on the details, like change order for each project, can save you from losing money. Ensuring every document is accounted for will give you more control and make it easier to stay organized during work hours. 

It helps when keeping an eye out for any potential problems, whether they are related to employees or finances. 

After completing a job, take some time to review what went well and what needs improvement so you'll know how to handle future projects better.

Bid Carefully

It may be tempting to overbid for your services - but it could result in losing potential customers. 

Few homeowners take the first contractor they see when deciding what company to hire for a remodeling project.

When coming up with the bid amount, it’s important to look back on past projects to estimate what the project might cost. 

Check out blueprints and bills and consider all remodeling costs, including labor, materials, tools, etc.

Another way to determine the best fit for budget constraints is by understanding the return on investment (ROI) associated with various projects. For example, a bathroom may yield much more desirable results due to its higher ROI. 

Researching will let you know what kinds of expenditures are required and where you can find reliable cost estimates - be sure to organize this information in an orderly manner, so it’s easy to compare different bids.

Monitor Your Assets

Keep track of the tools you need on the job to increase your productivity. Use a platform where the on-site crew can communicate with those in the warehouse. 

Effective communication allows supplies to be delivered faster, reducing unnecessary delays and simplifying processes.

Utilizing cloud-based tools and management systems like 247PRO can help you stay up to date on the maintenance schedule. Data collection in real-time makes for an efficient renovation.

Final Thoughts!

Running a successful remodeling company is no easy task. It takes hard work, dedication, and some skills to get started. 

These all play an important role in your success - for example, you need a clear business plan and strategic marketing approach - but it also takes something special from within you. 

To excel at this, you need perseverance, commitment to quality workmanship, and empathy for your client's needs - these things will make you great.

By sharpening the right skills, consulting experts, using estimating software like 247PRO, and defining company culture - you can grow your contractor business as big as you want it to be.