247PRO Receives Funding from Seed Round Funding for Product Development and to Accelerate Growth!


Recently, 247PRO announced an investment of $1.75M from Seed round funding from seasoned and prominent SaaS investors for product development and further expanding the client base in the US and worldwide to simplify the day-to-day operations for any contractor, remodeler, or specialty contractor. 

247PRO was founded by George Lee - An experienced contractor and software developer who used his knowledge to create software that helps every contractor like his father in California's Silicon Valley. The company began as a provider of contract estimation software but has since become one of the most comprehensive complete SaaS solutions for contractors and remodeling companies. With many satisfied clients at home and abroad, 247PRO offers: 

  • Project Estimation
  • Contract Writing
  • Project Management
  • Change Order
  • Invoicing 
  • Work Order
  • Bid request
  • CRM
  • Project Leads
  • Timecard app
  • True White-Label Branding
  • Free Website Builder and more

To learn more about 247PRO, click here.

247PRO is rapidly growing by helping contractors and remodelers in the construction industry. According to Seed Round Funding:

“Remodeling and construction industry has been adapting to new technology at a faster pace, representing a great opportunity for software vendors. 247PRO’s founder and the team understand the remodeling/construction industry very well. The company has the right SaaS products to help remodeling businesses and fellow contractors.”

247PRO is utilizing the funding to further make exceptional developments in its software to help more people in the USA and worldwide. 

We're excited about this investment because it means we can continue working on improving our product, said George Lee, Founder of 247PRO Software. The feedback we've gotten so far from the industry has been great, and we want to keep that momentum.