Time logging has never been easier!

247PRO time card app

Tech company launches time card tracking software to help construction companies manage crew work hours when in the field.

247PRO, all in one project management software for the construction and remodeling industry released a time card application into its suite of project management, and sales management tools to help construction and remodeling companies manage remote workers and projects.

Timecard software allows customers to get greater transparency and efficiency into project progress and help manage employee time that gets spent on each project.

“Construction time tracking is still very manual and is a big challenge in the industry,” according to 247PRO Founder, George Lee.

The time tracking software is the latest product 247PRO has developed to help construction companies manage the business operations of projects on any scale.

From creating project proposals and estimates, to project management and employee management, the reality of many construction and remodeling companies is that they’re often led by too few people wearing too many hats. The objective behind this latest application is to help project managers free up their time while continuing to streamline other business operations.

“Project managers will find it easy to track each member’s work hours each day,” Lee states.

“The accurate log of work hours determines the project needs, estimating, and billing. It saves time and also helps to manage over time.”

The application, which is expected to launch in mid-December, allows project managers to refine their focus by giving remote staff a tool to digitally check-in and check-out while on the job. The application also uses GPS geo-location, which means that an employee’s accurate location is tracked whenever a staff uses the app.

The application features include:

  • Time-clocking features to track working hours and breaks ― a simple design allows workers to clock-in-and-out of work, and take breaks with the click of a button.
  • App data showing the amount of working minutes and hours accumulated by each project workers per day, up to one month.
  • A timesheet that can be exported into an excel spreadsheet.
  • Integration into other 247PRO projects through the 247PRO mobile app.
  • A team view feature that shows an employee’s details by clicking on their name.
  • Availability on both Android and Apple devices.

About 247PRO: 247PRO cloud-based project management software platform allows construction and remodeling companies to seamlessly track operational costs, and manage remote projects through the use of their user-friendly applications. The company aims to help contractors, homeowners, and vendors simplify the myriad of operational challenges involved in the management of small or large projects.