Start collecting all your leads in one place with the 247PRO website!


247PRO website is a sales tool for home builders and remodelers to capture all quality leads and turn them into a project. 

For the majority of the construction businesses, word-of-mouth advertising was the only avenue to bring leads and yes, quite frankly it was one of the powerful ways. With internet access, portfolio visibility, and testimonials, having a website is a must for any business even those that are driving new sales with referrals or using traditional advertising techniques. 

Websites are the center of the business for any company that is seeking to get leads through the internet. The online presence is playing a very important role to help and guide someone to call or book an appointment not only in your network but out of your network as well. 

The biggest challenge in the construction industry is to lack of knowledge, time, and money to invest in marketing, which is very understandable. Some features and tools play a huge role and help companies to differentiate themselves from other competitors. Here is some of them;


Online presence 

In the construction industry experience is very important and maybe there is no need to enhance your work but what if your work is not visible to your potential clients? A very well-organized portfolio would help to showcase your latest work and potentially shapes your customer’s decision to rather hire you or not. It also saves time for both sides as the portfolio would be visible to the public and up-to-date. No one would like to see 10 years old outdated bathroom renovation right? 

With the 247PRO website, you would access pre-design templates which would guide you every step to build a successful presentation of your work. 

There are several different design options and color schemes that you can choose from. There is no coding or web design experience needed!




Collecting leads in one place

Website traffic data is very important but the majority of the traffic would be just browsing and may not mean anything to the business. In this case, well designed and placed contact form would help and navigate more serious buyers who are interested to learn more about your business and specific projects. 

Capturing the leads and collecting in one place:

  • A single place to collect the lead information so it never gets lost in emails also could be manageable by multiple people. 
  • Quickly respond to the lead, time is money!
  • Communication is the key to run a successful project so properly managed leads are more likely to turn into a paid customer. 


Lead integration with 247PRO projects 

The beauty of collecting everything in one place is that you never need to leave or use another tool or platform. Homeowners’ communication with their contractors is critical for success and a properly design website can provide that.




  • A lead comes through your website via a contact form
  • The lead info registers into 247PRO
  • All leads are now manageable through 247PRO CRM which phone calls, emails, and notes can be collected here.  
  • If the lead status turn into “won” the lead status turns into user
  • The system continues to track the lead in user management 



  • Upfront information about the lead to determine the size of the project/job
  • Never lose the lead history
  • Ability to create reminders, tasks
  • Keep all of your notes in one place
  • Organized documentation 
  • Don’t miss any opportunity!

247PRO website is designed to cover your business and your customer needs. Pick your design from beautiful templates that you don't have to hire a designer or be one of them. Our website templates are SEO friendly and will guide you to enter some of the key elements to be discovered on the web. Within a couple of minutes, you can upload unlimited images and projects. You can bring your own domain with easy step-by-step guidance.

With 247PRO website integration, be up and run your professional website in minutes.


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