Manage Bids on a
Single Platform

One-stop-shop for subs and bids management. Finding vendor candidates, obtaining bids from subs, and hiring subs are all within one process.

Bid management in construction and remodeling

Streamline Bidding

Comparing send selecting bids from subs can not be quicker and easier

Create detailed bids in minutes

Create a custom list, lock your content and send it through with one click. Accurate requests without double entry.

Organize your biddings

No more mass email blasts, get notified as soon as your subcontractor completes the estimate.

Power of the tool

Get your bids turned into an estimate and digitally signed without leaving the platform. It's secure and visible to you and to your CoContructor.

Find the best offer

You can send multiple bids to Contractors and get the best estimate to save money.

Stop the double-entry

Send out a bid request with your project requirements to hire subcontractors. Once sent, subcontractors will provide an estimate for you to review and sign.

Hire on the spot

Compare estimates on the same spot and find the best deal for your business.

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How many bid-requests can I send in a row?

You can create and send unlimited bid requests and receive unlimited bids.

Can I define the detailed scope within bid requests?

Yes, you can define detailed information, including material and quantity and etc.

Do my subs have to use the 247PRO estimator to provide quotes for my bid request?

No, your subs can send back their bids as an attachment in any PDF format within the bidding process.

Can I only send the bid request to the sub-contractors who use 247PRO?

No, you can send it to anyone, the user doesn't have to be a 247PRO customer they just need to sign up to be able to provide an estimate.

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