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How it Works

Our process is simple. Homeowners let us know their project scopes. 247PRO™ customer service staff verifies the legitimacy of the projects. Once we complete our screening process, we send the leads to our qualified member service professionals. Service Pros will provide homeowners with detailed estimate proposals via our innovative 247PRO Estimator™. All these are done quickly and easily.

How Service Pros benefit from our project leads

Yellow pages and newspapers are expensive and no longer effective ways to attract new clients. Homeowners use the web to find contractors these days. Our Service Pros benefit from the project leads that come directly from our active homeowner users. Our innovative 247PRO Estimator™ enables homeowners to easily provide detailed project scope. In return, it allows Service Pros to quickly create detailed estimate proposals.

Service Pro will also have a free online profile. The profile can showcase your project portfolio and company to your clients. In addition, you will have full control over the types of projects you receive and the areas you serve. When you are out of town or have too many projects on hand, you can temporarily turn off your profile. Our quality Project Leads and Estimator would help grow your company.


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