The Innovative Estimating and Proposal Writing Software for
Construction & Home Remodeling

247PRO Estimator

247PRO Estimator nicely combines cost estimating and contract proposal writing into one simple online software for remodeling and construction projects. It was invented by an experienced contractor expert and now anyone can take advantage of it regardless of experience.

Detailed Proposal Within Minutes

Creating a detailed estimate can be challenging and time consuming. 247PRO™ would be able to help and prepare you and your company to be more competitive.

  • 247PRO Estimator™ allows you to easily produce a detailed estimate in a matter of minutes.
  • A detailed estimate will give you a huge competitive advantage over other contractors who presents the client with a one page estimate.
  • Along with a detailed proposal, you will automatically receive two material purchasing lists, one for you and one for your client.
  • There is no setup and very little learning curve.
  • A detailed proposal will eliminate any misunderstanding that can potentially occur between you and your client.
Improve Estimate Accuracy

Our 247PRO Estimator™ will guide you precisely in calculating the cost of an estimate based on the scope of work, material cost, labor hours and labor rate.

  • Scope of Work : Our Estimator’s pre-defined template will significantly minimize your chance of forgetting any part of the project scope.
  • Material Cost : The software automatically associate materials with each task so that you make no mistake on material cost.
  • Labor Hours : Using industry benchmark, 247PRO Estimator™ recommends the amount of time to complete each task; although, you are able to make adjustments.
  • Labor Rate : Set your labor hour rate once and our estimator will automatically calculate all the numbers accurately for you every time.
Supporting Company's Growth

Estimating with 247PRO Estimator™ will improve your company’s efficiency and support your company’s growth.

  • Our Estimator provides you with the tools to delegate the estimating task for anyone regardless of their level of experience.
  • You can have your field staff collect data at project site via 247PRO™; you or senior staffs would review and make any modification on pricing and scope of work before sending it out to your client.
  • By delegating estimating task to your staff, you can use the time saved on other business that are important to you.
Great Return of Investment

Regardless of the size of your company, our estimating process is designed for saving you a great amount of time and money.

  • Service professionals on average save about 60% of their estimating time by using our Estimator.
  • A detailed and accurate estimate will lead your company to have a smoother operation with more satisfied clients.
  • By saving a substantial amount of time with our 247PRO Estimator™, the Return Of Your Investment can easily be 500% or more.

Customer Testimonial

“I was surprised how easy it was for me to create an estimate with very limited knowledge.“

Lisa J., Staff


“My quotes are so clear and clean that my clients end up not asking me questions.“

Kevin R., contractor


“Helping my husband create an estimate has become so much easier.

Stephanie S., Staff

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